Financial & Institutional Support


This research was supported by the Australian Government through the Australian Research Council’s Discovery Projects funding scheme. The views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily those of the Australian Government or Australian Research Council.

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My research was also supported by the University of Technology Sydney, which provided me with research time and material support.  My Cultural Studies colleagues in the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences were also very supportive, raising issues and suggesting ideas for related research directions.

I’d particularly like to thank UTS Library who supplemented their archive of the work of Norman Lindsay with a  major collection of the work of Jack Lindsay.  Stephen Gates and Jackson Mann in the Collections section of the Library were supportive and enthusiastic of the project throughout its development.

Research Assistants

A number of research assistants worked on this project and I thank them all for their work, in particular Dr Cathy Hawkins who assisted with preparation of the grant application and also in the early years of the research.  Cathy’s assistance was invaluable.

Other researchers who brought enthusiasm and expertise to the project included Ms Emma Fraser and Dr Amelia Gledhill;  Emma tracking down some of the reviews of Jack’s work and following up Jack’s association with the CPGB, and Amelia tracking references in Jack’s unpublished manuscript, The Fullness of Life and more recently assisting with the development of this web site.

 Lindsay Family

I would like to thank Helen and Philip Lindsay, Jack’s daughter and son for their help and interest over many years, particularly their invitation to read the original typescript of The Fillness of Life discovered in a Tesco shopping bag in the back of a cupboard.

I especially want to thank Helen, her partner Adrian Palka (pictured above) and their children, Leon and Ella for their hospitality over many years. Helen, Adrian and I have shared many thoughts and memories of Jack over the years, including my own stories of visiting Jack at Castle Hedingham to talk about the wonderful book he had written on William Morris. We have also shared thoughts on art and politics, the role of universities, the relationship between different art-forms, the ecology of Norfolk – all topics that Jack would heartily approve.