Selected Critical Writings

Scholarly books and articles exploring Lindsay’s work.

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Web Sites that Address Jack Lindsay’s Work

Brave New Classics: Classics, Communism and British Culture:

‘Brave New Classics (BNC) is a Leverhulme-funded ECF project designed to explore how the intellectual repercussions of the Russian Revolution affected British culture to 1956. It focuses on creative engagement with the Greek and Roman classics in British writing. In early 20th-century Britain diverse social groups were participating in culture to an unprecedented extent, and leftist writers — engaging with the classics — changed their creative practice to cater for these new readerships. This study examines the unexpected but electric convergence of British receptions of Soviet Marxism and classics, and their combined influence on British culture from 1917 to the Hungarian Revolution and Suez Crisis.’  One of the writers featured on the site is Jack Lindsay.

The Autodidact Project by Ralph Dumain:

This site explores the concept of autodidaticism, focusing its research on the question, ‘what is the relation of self to the universe of knowledge, regardless of the level of one’s formal education.’  The site features case studies of famous autodidacts, one of whom is Jack Lindsay.  His work is explored in an essay by Joel R. Brouwer titled ‘The Origins of Jack Lindsay’s Contributions to British Marxist Thought’, located at

The page also features links to the following sites that feature work by or about Jack on the Autodidact site:

It also provides the following offsite links:

Australian Dictionary of Biography: Lindsay, John (Jack) (1900-1990) by Paul Gillen:

Paul Gillen’s biographical essay about Jack Lindsay was first published in Australian Dictionary of Biography, Volume 18 (Melbourne University Press), 2012.