Seek the whole truth and through the maze
of dangerous and delightful days
follow the thread that yet can save
and guide through the deceitful cave
where minotaurs, confronted, fail,
into bare light, which sets us free.

    Jack Lindsay, ‘Again to my Daughter Helen’

Jack Lindsay was a prolific writer, who published in a range of forms and genres, including fiction and non-fiction – poetry, play-scripts, translations, and novels, as well as essays, biographies, histories – about a variety of fields of knowledge, including classical studies, literature, visual art, history, archaeology, anthropology, science, philosophy and politics.

As his Bibliography records, he published over 160 books, which in itself is an extraordinary achievement.  He also wrote hundreds of poems, many reviews, and uncollected essays. And he worked as a publisher and editor for a number of journals of literature, art and politics, where he put into practice his ideas about the role of culture in society and the relationship between culture and politics.

As his poem to his daughter Helen notes, for Jack Lindsay the search for the truth about life and human society and our relationship to the natural world would occupy his life and lead him through a complex maze of research and writing as well as personal struggles and joys and political activism.  Jack Lindsay did not just write for a living; in many senses, he lived his life on the page.

The Fullness of Life

The first contribution to this page about Jack Lindsay’s Writing is a scan and transcription of Lindsay’s own investigation of his writing and thinking, an unpublished manuscript entitled ‘The Fullness of Life: Autobiography of an Idea’.