Books by Jack Lindsay

Original works of fiction and non-fiction

Lindsay, J. (1923) Fauns and Ladies. Sydney, J.T. Kirtley.

Lindsay, J. (1924) The pleasante conceited narrative of Pan urge’s fantastically brocaded codpiece. Its damnation and a tricke plaied on a multitude of letcherous twats. Sydney, Panurgean Society.

Lindsay, J. (1924) Spanish main and tavern. Sydney, Panurgean Society.

Lindsay, J. (1926) The passionate neatherd: a lyric sequence. Sydney, Fanfrolico Press.

Lindsay, J. (1926) First list of fine books published in limited editions by the Fanfrolico Press. London, Fanfrolico Press.

Lindsay, J. (1927) Marino Faliero. London, Fanfrolico Press.

Lindsay, J. (1927) William Blake: creative will and the poetic image. London, Fanfrolico Press.

Lindsay, J. (1927) Helen comes of age. London, Fanfrolico Press.

Lindsay, J. (1928) A homage to Sappho. London, Fanfrolico Press.

Lindsay, J. (1928) Dionysos: Nietzsche contra Nietzsche. London, Fanfrolico Press.

Lindsay, J. (1929) Hereward. London, Fanfrolico Press.

Lindsay, J. (1931) A retrospect of the Fanfrolico Press. London, Simpkin Marshall.

Lindsay, J. (1931) Cressida’s first lover. London, John Lane.

Lindsay, J. (1932) Time-please! London, Joiner & Steele, 1932. [Writing as Ailsa Lindsay]

Lindsay, J. (1934) Rome for Sale. London, Mathews and Marrot.

Lindsay, J. (1934) Caesar is dead. London, Nicholson & Watson.

Lindsay, J. (1935) The Romans. ‘How & Why Series, no. 17’. London, A. & C. Black.

Lindsay, J. (1935) Storm at sea. London, Golden Cockerel Press.

Lindsay, J. (1935) Last days with Cleopatra. London, Nicholson & Watson.

Lindsay, J. (1935) Runaway. Oxford, University Press.

Lindsay, J. (1935) Despoiling Venus. London, Nicholson & Watson.

Lindsay, J. (1936) Shadow and flame. London, Chapman & Hall. [Writing as Robert Preston]

Lindsay, J. (1936) Wanderings of Wenamen. London, Nicholson & Watson.

Lindsay, J. (1936) Come home at last. London, Nicholson & Watson.

Lindsay, J. (1936) Marc Antony: his world and his contemporaries. London, Routledge & Sons.

Lindsay, J. (1936) Rebels of the goldfields. London, Lawrence & Wishart.

Lindsay, J. (1936) Who are the English?. London, Left Review.

Lindsay, J. (1936) Adam of a new world. London, Nicholson & Watson.

Lindsay, J. (1937) End of Cornwall. London, Jonathan Cape. [Writing as Robert Preston]

Lindsay, J. (1937) The anatomy of spirit: an inquiry into the origins of religious emotion. London, Methuen.

Lindsay, J. (1937) Sue Verney. London, Nicholson & Watson.

Lindsay, J. (1937) John Bunyan: maker of myths. London, Methuen.

Lindsay, J. (1937) On guard for Spain. London, Left Book Club Theatre Guild.

Lindsay, J. (1938) Five thousand years of poetry: a declamation in prose and verse. London, Left Book Club Theatre Guild.

Lindsay, J. (1938) To arms!: a story of ancient Gaul. Oxford, University Press.

Lindsay, J. (1938) 1649: a novel of a year. London, Methuen.

Lindsay, J. (1939) England, my England. London: Fore Publications.

Lindsay, J. (1939) Lost birthright. London, Methuen, 1939.

Lindsay, J. (1939) A short history of culture. London: Gollancz.

Lindsay, J. (1939) We need Russia. London: Left Book Club Theatre Guild.

Lindsay, J. (1939) Brief light: a novel of Catullus. London: Methuen.

Lindsay, J. (1940) Giuliano the magnificent. London: Andrew Dakers.

Lindsay, J. (1941) Light in Italy. London: Gollancz.

Lindsay, J. (1941) Hannibal takes a hand. London, Andrew Dakers.

Lindsay, J. (1941) The Dons sight Devon: a story of the defeat of the invincible Armada. London, Oxford University Press.

Lindsay, J. (1941) The stormy violence. London, Andrew Dakers.

Lindsay, J. (1942) Into action: the battle of Dieppe. A poem. London, Andrew Dakers.

Lindsay, J. (1942) We shall return: a novel of Dunkirk and the French campaign. London, Andrew Dakers.

Lindsay, J. (1943) Beyond terror: a novel of the battle of Crete. London, Andrew Dakers.

Lindsay, J. (1944) Second front: poems. London, Andrew Dakers.

Lindsay, J. (1944) Perspective for poetry. London, Fore Publications.

Lindsay, J. (1945The barriers are down: a tale of the collapse of a civilisation. London, Gollancz.

Lindsay, J. (1945) Jolly swagman’: the Australians at home. London, Army Bureau of Current Affairs Pamphlet.

Lindsay, J. (1945) Hullo stranger. London, Andrew Dakers.

Lindsay, J. (1945) British achievement in art and music. London, Pilot Press.

Lindsay, J. (1946) Time to live. London, Andrew Dakers.

Lindsay, J. (1948) The subtle knot. London, Andrew Dakers.

Lindsay, J. (1948) Men of forty-eight. London, Methuen.

Lindsay, J. (1948) Mulk Raj Anand: a critical essay. Bombay: Hind Kitabs Ltd.

Lindsay, J. (1949) Song of a falling world: culture during the break-up of the Roman Empire, A. D. 350-600. London, Andrew Dakers.

Lindsay, J. (1949) Marxism and contemporary science; or, the fullness of life. London, Dobson.

Lindsay, J. (1949) Clue of darkness. London, Andrew Dakers.

Lindsay, J. (1950) Charles Dickens: a biographical and critical study. London, Andrew Dakers.

Lindsay, J. (1950) Fires in Smithfield: a novel of Mary Tudor’s days. London, Bodley Head.

Lindsay, J. (1950) A world ahead: journal of a Soviet journey. London, Fore Publications.

Lindsay, J. (1950) Peace is our answer. London, Collets Holdings.

Lindsay, J. (1950) Three letters to Nikolai Tikhonov. London, Fore Publications.

Lindsay, J. (1950) Cry of Greece. London, Arena for the League of Democracy in Greece.

Lindsay, J. (1951) The passionate pastoral: an 18th century escapade. London, Bodley Head.

Lindsay, J. (1952)  Byzantium into Europe: the story of Byzantium as the first Europe (326-1204 AD.) and its further contribution till 1453 A.D.. London, Bodley Head,.

Lindsay, J. (1953) Betrayed spring. London, Bodley Head.

Lindsay, J. (1953) Rumanian summer: a view of the Rumanian People’s Republic. London, Lawrence & Wishart.

Lindsay, J. (1953) Rising tide. London, Bodley Head.

Lindsay, J. (1954) Civil war in England. London, Muller.

Lindsay, J. (1955) The Moment of Choice. London, Bodley Head.

Lindsay, J. (1956) George Meredith: his life and work. London, Bodley Head.

Lindsay, J. (1956) The Romans were here: the Roman period in Britain and its place in our history. London, Muller.

Lindsay, J. (1956) After the thirties: the novel in Britain and its future. London, Lawrence & Wishart.

Lindsay, J. (1957) A local habitation. London, Bodley Head.

Lindsay, J. (1957) The great oak: a story of 1549. London, Bodley Head.

Lindsay, J. (1957) Three elegies. Sudbury, Suffolk, Myriad Press.

Lindsay, J. (1958) Arthur and his times: Britain in the Dark Ages. London, Muller.

Lindsay, J. (1958) Discovery of Britain: a guide to archaeology. London, Merlin Press.

Lindsay, J. (1958) Life rarely tells: an autobiographical account ending in the year 1921 and situated mostly in Brisbane, Queensland. London, Bodley Head.

Lindsay, J. (1959) 1764: the hurlyburly of daily life exemplified in one year of the eighteenth century. London, Muller.

Lindsay, J. (1960) Revolt of the sons. London, Muller.

Lindsay, J. (1960) The writing on the wall: an account of Pompeii in its last days. London, Muller.

Lindsay, J. (1960) The roaring twenties: literary life in Sydney, New South Wales in the years 1921-26. London, Bodley Head.

Lindsay, J. (1960) Death of the hero: French painting from David to Delacroix. London, Studio.

Lindsay, J. (1961) All on the Never-never. London, Muller.

Lindsay, J. (1961) William Morris: writer. A lecture given to the William Morris Society on the 14th November 1958 at Caxton Hall, London. London, William Morris Society.

Lindsay, J. (1961) Fanfrolico and after. London, Bodley Head.

Lindsay, J. (1962) A short history of culture from prehistory to the Renascence. London, Studio.

Lindsay, J. (1962) The way the ball bounces. London, Muller.

Lindsay, J. (1962) Our Celtic heritage. London, Weidenfeld & Nicolson.

Lindsay, J. (1963) Masks and faces. London, Muller.

Lindsay, J. (1963) Daily life in Roman Egypt. London, Muller.

Lindsay, J. (1964) Choice of times. London, Muller.

Lindsay, J. (1964) Nine days’ hero: Wat Tyler. London, D. Dobson.

Lindsay, J. (1965) The clashing rocks: a study of early Greek religion and culture and the origins of drama. London, Chapman & Hall.

Lindsay, J. (1965) Our Anglo-Saxon heritage. London, Weidenfeld & Nicolson.

Lindsay, J. (1965) Thunder underground: a story of Nero’s Rome. London, Muller.

Lindsay, J. (1965) Leisure and pleasure in Roman Egypt. London: Muller.

Lindsay, J. (1966) J. M. W. Turner. His life and work: a critical biography. London, Cory Adams & Mackay.

Lindsay, J. (1967) Our Roman heritage. London, Weidenfeld & Nicolson.

Lindsay, J. (1968) Meetings with poets: memories of Dylan Thomas, Edith Sitwell, Louis Aragon, Paul EluardTristan Tzara. London, Muller.

Lindsay, J. (1968) The ancient world: manners and morals. London, Weidenfeld & Nicolson.

Lindsay, J. (1968) Men and gods on the Roman Nile. London, Muller.

Lindsay, J. (1969) Cezanne: his life and art. London. Evelyn, Adams & Mackay.

Lindsay, J. (1970) The origins of alchemy in Graeco-Roman Egypt. London, Muller.

Lindsay, J. (1971) Origins of astrology. London, Muller.

Lindsay, J. (1971) Cleopatra. London, Constable.

Lindsay, J. (1973) Gustave Courbet: his life and art. Bath, Somerset, Adams & Dart.

Lindsay, J. (1974) Helen of Troy: woman and goddess. London, Constable; Totowa, N.J.: Rowman & Littlefield.

Lindsay, J. (1974) Blast-power and ballistics: concepts of force and energy in the ancient world. London, Muller.

Lindsay, J. (1974) Faces and places. Toronto, Basilike.

Lindsay, J. (1974) Death of a Spartan King and two other stories of the Ancient World. London, Inca Books.

Lindsay, J. (1974) The Normans and their world. London, Hart-Davis, MacGibbon.

Lindsay, J. (1975) William Morris: his life and work. London, Constable.

Lindsay, J. (1976) Decay and renewal: critical essays on twentieth-century writing. Sydney: Wild & Woolley; London: Lawrence & Wishart.

Lindsay, J. (1976) The troubadours and their world of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. London, Muller.

Lindsay, J. (1977) Hogarth: his art and his world. London, Hart-Davis, MacGibbon.

Lindsay, J. (1978) The monster city: Defoe’s London, 1688-1730. London, Hart-Davis MacGibbon.

Lindsay, J. (1978) William Blake: his life and work. London, Constable.

Lindsay, J. (1981) Thomas Gainsborough: his life and art. London, Granada.

Lindsay, J. (1981) Collected Poems. Lake Forest, IL, The Cheiron Press.

Lindsay, J. (1981) Crisis in Marxism. London, Moonraker Press.

Lindsay, J. (1981) The Blood Vote. St. Lucia, Queensland: University of Queensland Press.

Lindsay, J. (1985) Turner: The Man and his Art. New York, F. Watts.